(862) 279-7300

Montclair: 695 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ 07042, USA

Livingston: 42 Okner Pkwy #1, Livingston, NJ 07039

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I schedule a viewing?

Email us at party@thesuite.info, contact us from our “About Us” page, or call us at 862-279-7300!

How far in advance should I book an event?

Dates often fill up 4-6 weeks in advance, but even if you need to book an event closer to the date, please contact us so we can attempt to accommodate you!


What is the maximum capacity of each location?

  • Montclair: up to 75 people

  • Livingston: up to 150 people


How much do you hold as deposit?

  • $100 to secure the date (applied toward total balance)

  • $100 as a safety deposit (refunded at the end of your event*)

       *contingent upon successful compliance with contract terms

What is included in the rate?

4-hour block of event time, 30 minutes of set up, 30 minutes of clean up, seating, and tables (Additional services may be requested).

How much time do I have to set/clean up? Can I get more time?

30 minutes of set up and 30 minutes of clean up! Oftentimes, more time can be arranged at an additional fee. Please call 862-279-7300 for details.

How many tables/chairs at each location?

  • Montclair: 6 6-foot rectangular tables, 30 folding chairs

  • Livingston: 10 48-inch round tables, 60 black chairs

Are tablecloths/highboy tables included?

Tablecloths are available to rent for $7/each in black or white. Highboy tables are also available for rent at $8/each.


What is included in the media package?

Use of our speakers, projectors, televisions, and cables! If you, your guests, or your DJ need to use any of these amenities, please let us know so we can arrange the package (See our “Rates” page for associated costs).


Am I allowed to hire my own DJ/bring my own music?

Yes! You are allowed to hire your own DJ or music. If you need to use any of our appliances, however, please refer to our media package.

Can I bring my own food/alcohol/etc.? (Is alcohol allowed?)

You can definitely bring your own food, alcohol, etc. Alcohol is allowed, but please be mindful that while you can serve alcohol, you cannot sell alcohol at our location during your event. Thank you for your cooperation.

Are catering options available?

We partner with several caterers in the Northern NJ area. Please call us at 862-279-7300 for further details and arrangements.

If you don't see your question here, please feel free to contact us!